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In addition to my other interests I'm a passionate hockey fan and player. I'm a big supporter of the Ottawa Senators(my hometown team) and New York Rangers and love to get to a game whenever I can. I'm also an avid player, skating with Poutine Machine Sur Glace (PMSG) in the Lasker league in Central Park and Playing ball hockey with Poutine Machine in BTSH and Dependable Scrap in the Moffo League. I also coach kids hockey through the NYC Parks/NY Rangers street hockey plan.


This year I've been combining my writing, hockey and digital interests by serving as the Editor-in-Chief and Webmaster (do they still have those?) for the BTSH league website. There's tons of content written by me on the site, so if you want to view samples (or just find out more about street hockey in New York) point your cursor to btsh.org.

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