Hungry Ghost Website

Hungry Ghost Website

When my friend Murat Uyaroglu told me he was opening a new coffee shop in the Prospect Heights/Park Slope neighborhoods in Brooklyn I was very excited. And when he asked me to build his website for him I got even more excited.

The HUNGRY GHOST website is actually part of a larger digital campaign that include a full social media presence and press/PR push. But the HG website remains the centerpiece of this new destination's marketing efforts.

Murat wanted a website that highlighted the modern yet welcoming nature of his establishment. He also wanted a design that made the product the hero, showing off his mouth watering baked goods and delicious coffee. Finally, he needed a site that was easily updatable, reflect both the changing nature of his menu and the events that he was planning to host at the cafe.

I worked with Murat's interior designer to come up with a color scheme for the website that reflected the look and feel of the restaurant and the marketing collateral that was being created. Since Murat wanted a site that could be updated by several employees, I recommended the WordPress platform. WordPress' intuitive CMS system and flexibility was an ideal fit for time pressed and non tech savvy admins. I worked with Murat to identify required features, created simple wireframes and customized a theme that would provide the user experience he was looking for. Finally, I worked with Murat to populate the site with content, writing copy, shooting original photography and integrating the site with HG's other social media accounts.

HUNGRY GHOST opened to rave reviews in mid-April 2012 and the website generated tremendous traffic for a small business, receiving literally thousands of visitors in the first few weeks.

If you want to sample some of the best coffee in Brooklyn (or just want to see an example of my digital design skills) make sure to visit HUNGRY GHOST!


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