International Experience

I like to joke around and tell people that I would make a good spy. I actually have three different passports (Canadian, Irish and British) and I've travelled so extensively that I can give people restaurant recommendations on six different continents (haven't made it to Antarctica yet).

I was born in England to Danish and Irish parents so  I've always been able to work in the EU. I moved to Canada when I was three years old (and I have Canadian citizenship). And I hold a Green Card here in the US as well.

In addition to all these travel documents, I spent five years in the UK working in International Sales for Time-Warner Books and Penguin. As part of that assignment I travelled all around Southeast Asia, India and Europe, working with local distributors (and in the case of Penguin) branch offices. I even organized International Sales Conferences in Amsterdam and Oxford that were hosted by executives from Penguin, Time-Warner, Faber and Bloomsbury.

Slightly later in my career, I ran Teshkeel Media, which was based out of Kuwait. I lived in Kuwait City for 14 months and travelled extensively throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa. if you need any tips on Dubai airport, I'm your man!

Finally, in my current position I work on a daily basis with our Bogota office, co-ordinating marketing and support offices with about 80 Colombian employees. I've visited Bogota several times and also worked with key partners in Medellin and Buenos Aires.

It might not be quite James Bond's pedigree but when it comes to international experience, I still think it's pretty good!

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