Zemoga Tote Bag

One of the key challenges in both design and marketing is making sure that you create product that services your customers' needs rather than your own tastes. Throughout my career, I've had to reign in designers who created a product that they thought was "cool" but didn't fit the demographic they were designing for.

The Zemoga tote bag is a perfect example of a product that I created to service a neglected portion of our client base. Digital design, development and marketing can be very male-centric fields and the bulk of our marketing collateral reflected that. Sure we had cool swag but almost all of it was designed for guys. Given that many of our clients were mid-30's women, I wanted to make sure that we had items that appealed to their sensibilities as well.

My assistant and I went through about a hundred samples before finding the right style of tote. The next step was to create a female friendly design for the bag.My wife had exposed me to the Tokidoki brand and I was charmed by the playful way they combined visuals and design. I asked my own designers to come up with a similar approach that would utilize the icon sets we had created at Zemoga. The result was an appealing heart graphic that perfectly captured our brand message "From Bogota With Love."

The bags were a huge hit with our female clients and helped show that we were not a typical digital agency. It also taught many of the junior staff in our company a valuable lesson.Never neglect 50% of your customers!

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