Zemoga Ice Cream Truck

Zemoga Ice Cream truck

How do you get people to notice you when you’re broadcasting your message in the most brand-saturated location in the world? That was the challenge I faced at Zemoga when we were looking to establish a presence at Advertising Week in New York City. With most of the events taking place in the Times Square area and major media companies dominating the event sponsorships, we did what we do best: We came up with an innovative solution.

Capitalizing on the recent trend in gourmet food trucks, I arranged for Zemoga to partner with artisanal ice cream company Van Leeuwen to provide free Colombian coffee and coffee-flavored ice cream to Advertising Week attendees. Hungry marketers received their goodies in Zemoga-branded packaging (cups, napkins, even Zemoga green spoons!) while watching our reels and other examples of our work. Of course, the truck itself was also decorated with various Zemoga brand elements, including our icons, website URLs and our ubiquitous motto “From Bogota With Love”. To further reinforce the branding, the truck’s menu cards were replaced with a “menu of digital services” outlining Zemoga’s resources and core skills.

The truck proved a major hit with Advertising Week, receiving major press attention and more importantly bringing a smile and good feeling about our company to literally thousands of attendees. We kept the party going by parking the truck outside of select clients and our own Manhattan office. The Zemoga ice cream truck embodies myapproach to business - fun, innovative and delivering value far beyond the initial investment!

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