Cheez Dudes Campaign for Wise Foods

Cheez Dudes graphic

Wise Foods drafted Zemoga to redesign their Cheez Doodles presence online and engage with the brand’s teen and tween consumer base. The new Cheez Doodles site features the “Cheez Dudes,” a rock ‘n’ roll band inspired by the classic snack food. Zemoga worked with Wise to create a new look and feel for the “Dudes,” including character creation, 3-D renderings, Flash video, and even original music. It truly was a "start from scratch" effort for myself and the rest of the Zemoga team as we were given simple line drawings and I had to create names and personalities for the characters that would form the basis for an integrated marketing campaign.

The centerpiece of the campaign was a revised website that featured an integrated Augmented Reality component driving a contest designed to encourage and capture user-generated content. Users printed out codes and saw the Dudes appear and perform in 3-D on their computer screens. They then participated in a cool contest to create stages for the Cheez Dudes’ performances.

it was a unique approach to connecting consumers with a packaged goods brand, and it included social media components that helped drive traffic and promote a Cheez Dudes community. Zemoga supplemented these components with an integrated social media campaign, including Twitter and Facebook components, to help build brand awareness on launch.

While Wise has since taken the Cheez Doodles creative in a different direction I have fond memories of my time with the "Rocker", the "Rebel" and the "Beatmaster"!

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