Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Facebook Page

Jamie Oliver Facebook Graphic

Jamie Oliver’s wish to bring healthy eating to America’s schools earned him the TEDPrize and TED turned to Zemoga to make Jamie’s wishes come true. Along with Creative Director Dan Licht I worked closely with Jamie’s team and the TED Prize foundation to build a Facebook destination and create simple, useful digital tools for Jamie’s Food Revolution community.

Our partnership included consultation on social media and digital strategies; recommendations on Facebook optimization; identification, collection and integration of media assets; and development and execution of a strategy to integrate the Facebook page with the main Jamie Oliver website.

The page I designed for the Food Revolution makes full use of Facebook interactive features, including polling, discussion boards (separate from wall posts) and photo and video galleries.

The site content was also designed to direct users back to the main Jamie Oliver site, where users could obtain a free PDF Toolkit with cooking tips and recipe suggestions, an asset that helped drive traffic to both the website and the Facebook platform.

The Facebook page was a huge success, with frequent posts and comments from its community that is now over 260,000 strong – including messages from Jamie Oliver himself. Most importantly, Jamie’s petition for home-cooked meals and better school food has garnered over 700,000 signatures to date. The Food Revolution FB page is a classic example of social media for social good and Dan and I were proud to be a part of it.

You can visit the page here.


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