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The quilling , the curled paper, there is the Renaissance times, when nuns and monks used the technique to replace the filigree of gold in pictures of religious decoration. Since that time the techniques have remained basically the same, what has changed are the tools and the complexity of the figures that have been appearing over the years.
The quilling is the technique of handmade cards and harnessed in Scrapbooking. What you need are thin strips of paper, glue and an instrument to wrap the strips, an instrument that we can adapt from skewers to knitting needles.
Have a work desk with a piece of styrofoam, pins and transparent glue for paper. Cut narrow strips of thin red paper, such as printer sulfite, 30 cm long. There are quilling strips ready to sell in good craft stores, but not always so easy to find. Either way, it does not hurt to search.
Wrap the paper strip on the instrument you are using, making sure it is properly aligned.
The tip is to moisten your fingers and the tip of the paper to start curl. The paper is to be wrapped around the tool and not the other way around. Hold firmly between your fingers while rolling up the paper.
After holding the paper strip for a while, release it and you will have a spiral ready. Remove it from the tool.
To make a tear press the spiral until you mark a fold at one end. While pressing, use a needle to better position the paper loops.
Glue the tip of the paper strip close to the end of the folded edge, as in the picture. Put the glue using a pin, because it is a little penguin. Cut the leftover paper. Make another tear like that.


Place the two inverted tears facing each other, fix with pins on a Styrofoam and glue in the center part, as in the picture. Remember to use a little glue. The pins help keep the tears together while the glue completes the drying.
Glue the heart on a thicker white square paper.
The hint to stick the quilling on another paper is quite simple. Put a shallow amount of glue on a surface like a plastic cap. Hold the figure with tweezers and dip the edge to be glued onto that glue surface. Dip just enough so that the glue sticks to this base evenly. Apply the figure on the white card and wait for the glue to dry.
To finish, wrap the ribbon in the glass jar, tie it, and then glue the card onto the ribbon. Now, the glass jar is beautiful to be offered as a gift.
And so we use quilling to graciously adorn our objects. And this is just the beginning, because from now on the figures are getting more and more elaborate.
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