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How did I get in to marketing? I actually created my first job and founded Marvel Comics' marketing department. It was an amazing hands on learning experience and I worked on some incredibly successful campaigns (including the marketing campaign for X-MEN #1, which sold 8 million copies of a single comic book). I also created Marvel's "special covers initiative" an innovative series of packaging design campaigns that generated tremendous consumer excitement and sold literally millions of units (to this day I hold the record for the largest hologran order in Polaroid's history).

After Marvel, I moved on to the international stage where I developed worldwide campaigns for both Time-Warner and Penguin, working in diverse markets like Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa and Continental Europe.

At CRACKED and Teshkeel I handled all the marketing responsibilities for two fledgling companies. Both have since become very well known in their respective categories. CRACKED remains a top 10 humor site on the web and Teshkeel received a shoutout from president Obama. You can't ask for better validation than that!

At Zemoga, I've worked on literally dozens of marketing campaigns both for clients and for the company itself. Our innovative promotion of our own brand using everything from viral video and humor sites to ice cream trucks and branded video cameras has won us awards, press coverage and the accolades of numerous industry partners and peers.

I live by the mantra that great marketing should surprise and delight. There's no bigger thrill than seeing your message show up in an unexpected place or seeing that you're really altering people's perceptions of a brand/product/service/cause. In the end all marketers are storytellers. And every storyteller wants to get positive feedback from his audience.

Let's sit down and swap stories together.

Here a some links to a few of my favorite Marketing projects:

Zemoga Ice Cream truck
X-Men #1 Launch
Cheez Dudes "Rock the Cheez" Campaign




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