From Bogota With Love Travel Kit

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What do you do when your company is based in a city that doesn't have a lot of guidebooks or travel sites writing about it? Make your own, of course.

Over my years at Zemoga, we found the easiest way to ease client fears about working with a company that had a large presence in Colombia was to invite them down for a visit. But how could we convince conservative clients that Bogota wasn't all about cocaine and coffee (or Secret Service escorts for that matter?). Unfortunately, there weren't a lot of existing materials in English that showed off the beauty of the country. So I worked with my design team to create an enticing package that would not only position Colombia as an ideal place to visit but also reinforce Zemoga's branding and innovation chops.

The "From Bogota With Love" travel kit contains everything the first time traveler would need for a trip to the city. Contents included:

  • FROM BOGOTA WITH LOVE t-shirt & hat.
  • A customized version of the Lonely Planet Guide to Colombia.
  • Zemoga themed luggage tags.
  • Zemoga branded Colombian coffee.
  • Custom created guides for using a cel phone in Colombia, navigating the airport and exploring the neighborhood around Zemoga's offices
  • Postcards featuring gorgeous photography shot by Zemoga's designers

In short, everything a "gringo" would need on his first rip to the City of Gold.

The kits were an instant hit with our clients, encouraging travel and drawing accolades for the attractiveness and usefulness of the contents.

So if you see someone in the El Dorado airport with Zemoga luggage tags or consulting a green and white brochure, make sure you let them know that they got that ... "From Bogota With Love".

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