Daily Beast/Lexus Alternative Energy Twitter Aggregator


Lexus Tweeder GraphicLexus had approached Zemoga's client The Daily Beast about developing a campaign to highlight their pioneering efforts in the development of alternative energy solutions. The Daily Beast team were familiar with Zemoga’s award winning Twitter aggregator the Health Tweeder and knew that a similar project would be a perfect solution to Lexus’ challenge. After all, what better way to highlight Lexus’ hybrid technology and alternative energy leadership than creating a digital tool to provide insight in to the future of alternative energy utilization?

I kicked off the development of  this new tool by undergoing an extensive research process. I identified Key Opinion Leaders and assessed the validity of various keywords associated with energy topics. This helped us create an initial stream of sources that data could be collected from. I then rigorously culled that list with a series of filters that addressed issues like relevance, timeliness and reliability of the information.

After the data vetting process, our UX team went to work, creating an interface that both clearly and engagingly presented the data while complementing the visual look and feel of the Daily Beast parent site. We also worked with the TDB team to ensure problem free backend integration, as well. The resulting interface clearly demonstrates the flow of information in a visual manner while providing a look and feel that is unique to the project. And Lexus now has a tool that’s as innovative and thought provoking as the brand that it highlights.


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