Marvel’s 1st Annual Report

Marvel First Annual report

In 1993, Marvel experienced one of the biggest moments in it's history. After 54 years of private ownership, then owner Ronald Perleman took the company public. It was a brave new world for most Marvel staffers and the company tapped a talented Public Relations professional named Gary Fishman to handle their corporate communications. I was fortunate to work closely with Gary on the pre-filing for the Marvel offering and we were tasked with another huge project shortly after the IPO, creating a unique look and feel for Marvel's first Annual Report.

Working with Editor Glenn Herdling, we created one of the most unique documents the Street had ever seen. The first part of our report was a typical Marvel comic book, with characters explaining the nature of our business and the successes of the previous year. The second half contained the drier financial results and required reporting. But few payed attention to those pages!

The annual report proved to be a huge hit and I was grateful that Gary credited me as co-writer on the project. The comic book themed reports would go on to become a Marvel tradition, winning numerous awards and even fetching a pretty penny in the collector's market.

I wish I still had my copy!

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