The 99 Amusement Park


One of the most challenging (but enjoyable) aspects of my role as Chief Operating Officer of Teshkeel was the constant variety of design assignments my team needed to takle. The creation of THE 99 amusement park is a perfect example of this.

We partnered with a local Kuwaiti company to rebrand an existing theme park as 'THE WORLD OF THE 99". of course, neither I or any of the designers I was working with had created this type of themed graphics before. We had several problems to solve:

1) There were a huge number of original graphics that needed to be crerated.

2) We needed to work with local printers to find out what type of output was possible. Sure, we could design large graphics but if they couldn't be reproduced then we would be wasting our time.

3) We needed to forge a connection between the existing rides and park layout and the story we wanted to tell.

Editor Marie Javins and I realized that the only way for the project to work would be to use a single illustrator. Otherwise, there would be no consistency to the look and feel of the visual identity. We also couldn't repurpose any of our existing art, since the resolutions we used for the printed page would not scale to the size of the graphics required. We tapped the incredibly talented June Brigman to provide custom purposed and sized original artwork. And we worked with our design team to make sure that artwork could be repurposed for multiple uses (e.g. signage, marketing collateral, prizes).

Next, I immersed myself in a self-created crash course regarding outdoor, display graphics. Working with local printers we selected a color palette that would be easily reproducable and stand up the harsh effects of the Kuwait desert sun. Marie and I also worked with the colorist on the project to ensure that no effects would be used that couldn't be reproduced by our production partners.

Finally, we spent hours on site creating narratives for each of the rides and experiences. The results of our work were fed back to June, who used them as the basis for the original artwork that she was creating.

We also supervised the creation of costumes, marketing collateral and more. In the end, the park opened on time and on budget with a completely new visual identity. A sleepy little carnival had been transformed in to ..."THE WORLD OF THE 99"!

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