Zemoga Flip Video Cameras

Zemoga Flip Video Camera Graphic

During my first holiday season with Zemoga I was faced with the dual marketing challenge of creating a client gift that would be highly personal but also leverage Zemoga's emerging visual identity. One of our key brand assets was the Z portrait, a stylized illustration of our clients that utilized our corporate color scheme. Creative Director Dan Licht and I decided  to combine these highly personal branded assets with one of the hottest technology products of that year.

Zemoga’s partners each received an individually customized Flip video camera, complete with their own individual Z-portrait silk-screened on the device. These unique items arrived in customized Zemoga packaging, creating a truly special “unboxing” experience for the lucky recipients. In addition, our staffers all received Zemoga-branded Flip video cameras with our “motto, ‘From Bogota with Love,’” enhancing the shared connection with our clients and partners. Empowering our staff with the capability to instantly create digital video led to a raft of personal and Zemoga projects experimenting with motion graphics as well.

Not only were the cameras a big hit, but word of mouth about their creation led to press coverage for Zemoga on numerous magazines, websites and blog, a write-up in social media thought leader David Meerman Scott’s book, “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” and shout outs from industry stalwarts like Chris Brogan and Peter Shankman.

Long after expensive business dinners have been eaten and forgotten, Zemoga clients and Z-peeps are still using their Flips to record meetings, contribute video blog entries and capture the special moments in their lives.

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