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“I met Sven a few years ago and found immediately that not only does he possess solid marketing chops (both for the previous world of slightly more traditional marketing, but also for the new and emerging worlds of digital and mobile), but he also has a very large and well-tended network of people who appreciate and buy into what he does. Why does this matter? Because Sven has not only HIS smarts and abilities at the ready, but a network of brilliant people who he can tap for even more assistance.

On top of all this, I’d work with Sven on any project. He seems to gravitate towards exciting projects that are both interesting and helpful to others. I strongly recommend him.”

Chris Brogan, President and CEO, Human Business Works


“Sven is a highly creative and very easy-going person to work with. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on various projects, and am always impressed by the professionalism and diligence he exhibits. While a notable value to Zemoga’s creativity and growth, I cannot stress how highly I recommend Sven for anything as I know he will prove to be a merit to any company he’s a part of.”

Brett Petersel,The Next Web,Former Audience Manager, Mashable


“Sven is one of those rare talents who elevates your game often without you even realizing it yourself. He has a quiet, confident demeanor that’s backed up by his drive to make things happen. Sven surprises you because he makes it all look effortless. Strong on strategy and equally strong on execution, leveraging all assets to achieve the desired outcome. He’s a keen marketeer.”

Guy Mastrion, CCO,Palio Communications


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