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One of the best pieces of advice I ever heard on writing was “Don’t try and be a (novel/film/TV/fill in the blank) writer, try to be a writer who works in (novels/film/TV/fill in the blank).” It’s advice that’s served me well and allowed me to write everything from advertising copy to comic books, blogs and articles to websites and even annual reports.

I used to not think of myself as a writer (writers were those guys who sat in their home offices and turned out the Great American novel) but after two decades of being paid to put down words on paper on an (almost) daily basis I’ve accepted the reality that I am, indeed, a professional wordsmith.

Guess I better get going on that novel, huh?


Writing Samples


I write every week at btsh.org, the website for my street hockey league. I'm Ediotr-in-Chief or the site so anything that doesn't carry a byline is written by me.

Here's a link to an article I wrote that's one of my favorites : "Everything I Needed to Know About Social Media I Learned From Spider-Man"

I've written a lot about digital health and pharma for the PIxels & Pills blog (which I also edit). Here's one of my favorite pieces from the blog: "Why Aren't We Talking About H-Commerce?"

I also contribute to numerous industry sites and reports. I was a section editor for the "Emerging Consumer" section of this year's Society of Digital Agencies Report and contributed an article as well. You can see the full report here.



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